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  • Bradlee Shopping Center
    • 3690-J King Street
    • Alexandria, VA 22302
    • Phone: 703-820-8600
  • Belle View Shopping Center
    • 1600-A Belle View Blvd.
    • Alexandria, VA 22307
    • Phone: 571-384-6880
Unwined Online Return Policy
Whether you’re placing an order, requesting a replacement or making an inquiry, you can count on us for friendly, knowledgeable assistance. All returns must be made in-store at our King Street location. Store credit will be issued for damaged product. The statistic is approximately 1 in 12 bottles will suffer from cork taint or other undesirable wine faults, and we're committed to replacing your bad bottles. For customer service, please call 703-820-8600, or write to us at unwinedalexandria@gmail.com.

We want your wine to arrive in pristine condition. As such, we reserve the right to hold shipments due to extreme weather. Temperatures over 75 and less than 40 degrees may delay our expected fulfillment date. Please let us know if you have a required ship date and we'll make the appropriate recommendation.